Hormone Replacement Therapy

This is a very well known therapy that women look for when entering the age of menopause. When women enter this stage of their lives their bodies are unable to produce oestrogen and progesterone. The menopause starts when women reach the age in which their ovaries are unable to produce eggs.

The average age in which women reach the menopause is around 50.

The importance of Oestrogen

Oestrogen is a hormone that is used by women’s bodies to stimulate their ovaries so they can release eggs. When they reach the age in which there are no more eggs in the ovaries, then the levels of this hormone start to decrease.

But this is not the only function of this hormone. Oestrogen helps to regulate the bone density (that is why many women suffer osteoporosis when they reach the menopause), the moist in the vagina and the body temperature. The reduction of the production of this hormone is the main cause of the symptoms that are associated with menopause such as loss of sex drive, hot flushes, vaginal dryness, continue changes of mood, back pain and joint pain.

The importance of progesterone

Progesterone plays a crucial role for women. It is the hormone that is in charge of getting the womb ready in case there is a pregnancy, as well as the mission to protect the endometrium. There are not so many effects for women when the amounts of this hormone start to decrease, but probably the most important one is that it could increase the risk of endometrial cancer, as it is not protecting the lining of the womb anymore.

What are the benefits and the risks of Hormone Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy has as its main benefit the control of the symptoms of the menopause in women. This improves greatly their quality of life during these years.hrt

Another benefit of the Hormone Replacement Therapy is that women reduce the chances of developing osteoporosis, colon and rectum cancer.

Having mentioned these benefits, among others, it is important also to mention that the use of the hormone therapy is not recommended for long term. Long term of Hormone Replace therapy may increase the chances of developing breast cancer, endometrial cancer, blood clots, thrombosis and strokes. So the recommended period to use is for a maximum of five years.

Doctors and specialists agree that if used for this period of time, the benefits will outweigh the risks that it may carry. If using for more time, better to discuss everything in detail with your doctor and to do a close follow up on a yearly basis.

What HGH Injections Can Do to Your Body

The human growth hormone is a hormone that is naturally produced by our bodies. As its name suggests, HGH is entirely responsible for introducing the growth in children and in young adults. When we were babies, our bodies produced HGH fast in order to foster our growth throughout our childhood.

In puberty, the body yet again increases its HGH levels to complete our last stage of physical growth.

hgh_injectionsDuring adulthood, the body produces enough HGH not to let us grow, but for us to maintain our body’s metabolism. The rate of our metabolism is instrumental to how fast the body synthesizes the nutrients it needed from the food we eat and convert into, for one, energy.

A high metabolic rate means that a larger percentage of our food is converted into energy and less fat, while a lower rate causes us to gain weight because of the fat that is not broken down and synthesized.

The body naturally drops hormone production levels due to many factors. One of this is old age. By the time we are middle-aged, the body does not produce enough HGH and, as a result, our bodies gain weight and use less energy.

Also, a person may experience a drop in HGH levels due to constant stress. That results to premature aging, another product of a drastic drop in HGH production levels.

How Can One Remedy That?

Clearly, the solution for the problem of low HGH is to reintroduce these human growth hormones into our body. There are two ways to do that, and one of these is to use HGH injections.

HGH injections have rapidly risen in popularity by the time they were first developed and introduced in the market. These are merely synthesized hormones that are forcefully placed into the bloodstream with the same effects as natural hormones.hgh_injection

People loved them because they produced instant results; people immediately lost weight as fat is rapidly converted by the body into muscle, and without even the need to exercise and burn those fats into muscle.

Just like everything in this world, HGH injections have several disadvantages together with their advantages.

These drawbacks include:

It is highly expensive. Testosterone boosters were created for business, period. As wonderful as their effects are, nutritionists and the so-called “anti-aging experts” offer these injections to interested parties for a high price.

They have side effects. Synthetic HGH injections have several side effects especially when constantly used and in the long-term. They generally cause an overdose in HGH which instead of stabilizing actually disrupts the hormone balance in the body.

One such effect of this is gynecomastia, or the so-called “man-breasts.” Gynecomastia is introduced when the male body ingests too much estrogen in the body. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for breast development in girls during puberty, which can be replicated with enough of this hormone in a man’s body.

It is apparent now that synthetic HGH injections, though attractive with its promised results, are not safe for our general consumption. It is best to stick to natural therapies for boosting the HGH levels in our body.

An introduction to Homeopathic Hgh

Human growth hormones are located and produced by one organ in the body. This organ is known as the pituitary gland.

homeopathic-hghThe human growth hormone constitutes around 191 essential amino acids. The components that facilitate growth in the body are formed immediately after the growth hormone leaves the pituitary gland.

When the body is not able to produce enough of these hormones a person will experience GHD or in full growth hormone deficiency.

This is characterized by the following symptoms, which are more prevalent in old people: a decrease in sexual drive, loss of hair, weakening of the nails, depletion of lean body muscles, increase in body fat, increase in the levels of cholesterol, loss of sleep, depression and withdrawal syndromes, and other side effects which came with the aging process. Therefore through using homeopathic HGH a person is able to reverse these effects.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a method of healing, which unlike the other conventional methods, involves the treatment of a disease through administering small doses of a substance that, in other cases and if administered to a healthy person, would provoke the appearance of the symptoms similar to the disease.

When these tiny doses are introduced into the body the immune system and the endocrine system are stimulated. Homeopathy medicine was first conceived as a philosophy, a whole concept.

The person who discovered or gave form to this concept was the German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, so homeopathy has been used for the treatment of some illnesses more than 200 years now.

Does FDA approve homeopathy HGH?

Yes, it does. HGH supplements and homeopathic products do not necessarily have to undergo the approval process of the FDA.

The pros of homeopathic HGH

When a person takes GenF20 Plus in small doses it has tremendous effect on the health of that individual. The stimulation of the healing process does not require a large dose; a small dose is very effective in achieving this.

The other thing about homeopathic HGH is that there have not been reported any side effects. This is because its ingredients are all natural herbs.

It aids in homeostasis. It does this by stimulate the pituitary glands to release growth hormones which assist in balancing the body.

It is also very useful in reducing the pain of the joints. It is also very useful when it comes to reducing body fat and increasing lean body muscles. It also boosts the immune system and the metabolic system.

TestoGen has been regarded as one of the best developments in science, as it has been able to increase the longevity of a person.

HGH deficiency

HGH deficiency is found in both adult and pediatric patients. In case of human growth hormones deficiency, a person’s body fails to produce growth hormones required for muscle growth and normal bones. One of the primary causes of HGH deficiency is malfunctioning of the pituitary gland. In addition, sometimes the cause is unknown.

In children, human growth hormones deficiency causes improper growth of bones and muscles. Either the growth slows down or completely stops in case of serious deficiency. This causes under developed muscles and short stature, which we often term as dwarfism. This deficiency problem does not affect a child at the initial stages of birth. It shows its impacts when the child begins to grow. One of the symptoms would be, delayed puberty. The growth hormones play a vital role in the metabolism of proteins and synthesis of proteins in other tissues.

Some other symptoms of growth hormone deficiency would be chubby stature, poor growth and an immature face. Children may also suffer from hypoglycemia, that is, low blood sugar problem.

In adults, the symptoms of deficiency of growth are very subtle and gradually develop symptoms. The deficiency of growth hormones causes reduction in energy, decreased bone density, and muscles. This may also lead to obesity in many cases. If it is left untreated, the patient may suffer from loss of bone density, emotional instability, and increases cardiovascular illness.

Besides these, there are numerous other symptoms seen in both children and adults, which are categorized under four broad headings:

– Symptoms in case of anabolic tone– abdominal fat and body fat increase, reduction of lean body mass and muscle strength, and the performance of exercising reduces.

– Symptoms in case of mental health– HGH deficiency affects the emotional stability of an individual. The patient suffers from poor concentration and memory, depression, reduced energy and from sex drive reduction.

– Symptoms in case of lipid effects– LDL cholesterol increased and HDL cholesterol decreases, patient suffers from osteopenia.

– Symptoms in case of protein synthesis– Lack of collagen, decreased hair, and nail growth, size of the organs decrease, lack of collagen and thin skin.

An individual may either suffer from growth hormone deficiency from childhood or in his adulthood due to malfunctioning of the pituitary gland. It is important to check on the deficiency if one suffers from childhood. Prolonged deficiency of human growth hormone may result in severe negative symptoms, which may not be easily treated during the latter stages. The patient has to go for HGH therapy whih may help the pituitary gland to stimulate the production of growth hormones for some growth.

Now various treatments, diagnosis, supplements, and therapies help to treat the deficiency of growth hormones. Replacement therapy that helps to replace thyroid and adrenal hormones in the body. Radiographic studies might help to check on the gravity of the deficiency. Certain blood tests and x-ray will also help to check on the gravity of the deficiency. It is always advisable to consult a doctor.

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