HGH Improves Sexual Performance

At one time experts thought that psychological factors were the main cause of sexual impotence. However, the evidence now shows that physical causes are responsible for 75% and in men over age 50 as much as 90% have a physical cause. Also, half the cases of erectile dysfunction in men over 50 is caused by arteriosclerosis of the penile arteries. It is the buildup of cholesterol plaques in the tiny blood channels that feed the penis that causes the failure of erection in the same way that there is heart failure due to the build up of cholesterol that causes blockage of the arteries. Erectile dysfunction is also looked at as a forewarning of an upcoming heart attack or stroke by medical experts. The very same factors that contribute towards heart disease are the very same factors that are indicators and contributors towards sexual impotence which include high triglycerides, cigarette smoking, hide total cholesterol, low HDL, and high HDL. Some other common diseases that contribute toward sexual dysfunction are insulin-dependent diabetes and untreated hypertension which unfortunately when treated also uses drugs that contribute towards impotence.


The other major cause of erection failure is low levels of testosterone and thyroid hormones. The great majority of these cases is due to low testosterone levels. It is still not well known that just as women experience menopause which is associated with a sudden decline in estrogen so also men experience andropause which is associated with a gradual decline in testosterone. Unhealthy men have a large drop in testosterone but in the average healthy man in his late forties or early fifties, there is 1/3 to ½ the level of testosterone that he had in his twenties. This is not as universal as in women but some men experience hot flashes, loss of energy, dry skin, sweating, aches, pains, and depression which is associated with the decline in testosterone. The decline in testosterone brings the same signs of aging that the decline in human growth hormone reveals. This is increased body fat, decreased muscle mass, loss of libido, and failure to have erections. In some cases, the loss of testosterone is due to pituitary disease.


Lifestyle factors have a significant part to play as well. In recent years it has been discovered that smoking is a major contributor towards cutting off the circulation of the penile artery and heavy drinking is not far behind. For some, maybe this will motivate more to give up smoking than the fear of losing their lives.


There is a very close parallel between the decline of growth hormone release in the body and the decline of male potency. Studies such as the Massachusetts Male Aging Study ( M. M. A .S.) did a random sampling of 1290 men and found that erectile dysfunction increased from 5% at age 40 to 15% at age 79 with difficulties in having erections experienced by 52% in the older age group. A young man is usually able to have sex every day and maybe even several times a day. By the forties this is down to two or three times a week and by age 60 about once a week or less. Doctors L. Cass Terry and Edmund Chein who did the first clinical study of the effects of HGH replacement on 202 people which included 172 men revealed that a full three quarters of the participants had a significant increase in sexual potency and frequency. Also, a full 62% of the men reported that they were experiencing erections for a longer period of time. The vast majority of those on growth hormone replacement report increased sexual appetite and performance which for the most part puts to rest any plausible argument to the contrary.


Unlike men, healthy women can enjoy intense orgasms into old age. However, starting around age 45 a significant loss of estrogen contributes towards the experience of dryness and atrophy of the viginal tissues which makes things even worse by menopause. This can cause many women to avoid having sexual intercourse or to have it less frequently. This lack of use results in losing the enjoyment of sex and the ability to have organisms in the same way that a man risks losing it if he doesn’t use it. Also, many older women complain of a lack of libdo and even come to the point where they have sex hardly at all and argue that they have lost interest in having sex. This is often related to hormonal decline of testosterone, DHEA, and HGH and not only of estrogen. It is these other hormones and not estrogen, with its ability to relubricate the vagina, that are the main factor in awakening sexual interest in older women.


Human growth hormone is the most powerful of all these hormones in its ability to restore the orgasmic levels to highly fulfilling function and drive that women delighted in their youth. There is greater potency, heightened pleasure and increased libido borne out in greater multiplicity of orgasms by women on human growth hormone therapy. This increased sexual activity also has a rejuvenating effect on the pituitary and the neuroendocrine aixis. Also growth hormone significantly alleviates menstrual and post menopausal symptoms. For example, the 55 year old female doctor had her hot flashes completely disappear on HGH therapy. Her FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) levels dropped from 60, which is menopausal, to 8, which is normal for a young menstruating woman. Another factor that contributes towards heightened sexuality is the fact that growth hormone results and firmer skin and and the replacement of a flabby body with a nicely toned body which gives one the sense of being more attractive with a greater sense of well being and motivated attraction.


It is a well documented fact that growth hormone causes organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, brain, spleen, other vital organs such as the skin which all shrink with age to grow back to far more younger size with better function. This also holds true concerning the sexual organs of the penis and clitoris which start to shrink beginning in the fourth decade. Studies such as those carried out by Edmund Chein show that the when hormones are restored to the level of a twenty-year-old, the penis and clitoris fully return to their original size after between six months and two years or longer of use. Doctors giving growth hormone therapy say that many of their patients report returning to the ability to have multiple orgasms and even have better experience than when they were in their twenties. However, this does not mean that one can be guaranteed such results . It also depends on having good muscle and the proper supply of blood with the correct amount of hormone in the body.


There are many well substantiated and written testimonies which can be found in books like, Grow Young With HGH, by doctor Ronald Klatz that clearly reveal a powerful increase in optimal sexual function. People in their sixties find they can have sex every day and even two or three times a day whenever they want instead of only once or twice a week. The average recovery time for a 55 year old man after orgasm is eighteen hours and yet there are those that say it is now two minutes or less at age 55. Another factor that can increase sexual function are leg squats and leg press exercises because they feed leg and thigh muscles which go right to the penile artery. Furthermore, one of the greatest benefits of taking growth hormone is the fact that increases your ability to exercise longer harder.


Growth hormone reverses the decline of sexual function and intensity as one ages at every level in the organization of the human body. At the overall systematic level, human growth hormone (HGH) results in more blood pumped into the penis so that there is firmer more sustained erections because it improves cardiac function and circulation of the blood to every part of the body. Also growth hormone increases the good HDL cholesterol which seems to increase peripheral circulation through plaque removing properties. One study reveals that raising the level of HDL cholesterol increases the likelihood of an erection. Also growth hormone accelerates the repair of tiny tears in the penis and vessel damage caused from trauma during sexual intercourse or other forms of activity. On the hormone level there is a direct feedback between the pituitary hormones and the hormones of the ovaries and testes. There is increased production of sperm and eggs through improving the effect of the reproductive hormones. This can play a significant role against male and female infertility. Also raising HGH levels with HGH supplements is enough to bring the testosterone levels of many men up to normal so that there is no need to take testosterone. Also growth hormone has a tremendously positive effect on the brain which improves the whole nervous system to a greater level of sensitivity and activation which would increase the feeling of pleasure. On the cellular level GH increases protein synthesis and cell division which causes the regrowth of organs. On the tissue level it contributes towards nitrogen retention which has the anabolic effect of building muscle mass.

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