Best Testosterone Boosters in 2019

best testosterone boosters

  • Stimulates the natural synthesis of testosterone and other anabolic hormones
  • Increases nitric oxide levels and boosts blood flow
  • Burns fat and increases energy
  • It has a general positive health effect


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For the most part, testosterone is known as the main hormone that makes a man a man. Every athlete knows how important testosterone levels are to achieve their athletic goals.

Being a major anabolic hormone, it promotes muscle growth and a reduction in fat mass.

It helps you to become stronger, and your body to make relief.

Testo-Max testosterone booster will help you achieve all of the above effects, as it increases the level of testosterone in the body.

It also increases the concentration of nitric oxide (NO), which is expressed in the pumping effect, as well as an increase in strength.

Other ingredients of the complex enhance the effectiveness of testosterone, strengthen overall health and have a positive effect on the nervous system.

Stimulating the natural synthesis of testosterone and other anabolic hormones

The main function of this testosterone supplement is to increase the level of testosterone in the body, which creates a good anabolic environment to accelerate muscle growth and burn fat.

The key component is D-aspartic acid. Due to its effect on the hypothalamus, it stimulates the production of testosterone, as well as lutropin ( through its influence on Leydig cells, it also increases the level of the male hormone).

There is Fenugreek in the product, which increases the synthesis of lutropin and somatotropin, a growth hormone responsible for the conversion of fatty acids into energy.

This not only helps to quickly get rid of fat and stimulates muscle growth, but also provides energy.

Testosterone synthesis is also influenced by the nettle leaf extract. But it does it differently.

Nettle leaf extract boosts the level of the male hormone by reducing the amount of the female hormone. It inhibits estrogen-producing enzymes, thereby increasing testosterone levels.

Increased NO and increased blood flow

Together with its main function, Testo-Max performs a secondary one. It helps increase the level of nitric oxide.

The already mentioned Fenugreek affects NOS (the enzymes responsible for NO production).

Thanks to this effect, the walls of blood vessels expand and relax, blood flow increases, and many more nutrients enter the trained muscles.

The effect is enhanced by the nettle leaf extract, which has long been used to enhance male desire and libido in both men and women.

Burning fat and increasing energy

The composition of the testosterone booster also includes several substances that contribute to the acceleration of fat metabolism. It helps to reduce the percentage of body fat and increase energy.

These ingredients are Ginseng, Boron, and Bioperine.

Ginseng, getting into the stomach, promotes the processing of fatty acids, helping them to penetrate the cell membrane. Boron helps reduce body fat by removing unwanted fats from the liver, and Bioperine speeds up metabolism.

Who Is Concerned with Testosterone Deficiency

All the men sooner or later have to deal with the issue of testosterone deficiency also known as hypogonadism. That’s why these men have no other choice than to search for some solution. And testosterone boosters are a frequent way out.

According to numerous studies, low testosterone is what waits for each man. The more aging process develops, the more apparent the lack of testosterone becomes. It was investigated in 2006 that 39% of male study subjects in their late 40s were testosterone deprived.

During the other study, the scientists discovered that no less than 13 million American males are concerned with their insufficient testosterone status. Some of these men try to improve the situation by using testosterone boosters. But the rest of the men leave the problem unattended.

The fact that there is a strong dependence between aging and testosterone deficiency is also obvious if you consider one more study. This study indicated that 20% of American males in their 60s constantly experience the manifestations of testosterone deprivation. The men in their 70s and 80s have 30% and 50% probability of testosterone deficiency respectively. For these men, the issue of taking testosterone boosters is especially compelling.

Testosterone Deficiency Diagnostics

If you are convinced that you have testosterone deprivation symptoms and are ready to use the natural testosterone boosters, you still shouldn’t hurry up. The matter is that only the healthcare practitioner can set a diagnosis hypogonadism which is actually a testosterone deficiency.

Serum testosterone test is a blood test that enjoys the greatest popularity among the methods which estimate the current testosterone levels in men. The measurement of total serum testosterone is the most precise technique to determine whether testosterone concentration falls or doesn’t fall below the healthy range. Thus, if testosterone plummets below 300 ng/dL, then the healthcare provider can disclose a diagnosis of hypogonadism. And this is where the testosterone boosters of natural origin can come to rescue.

In addition, the medical experts trust the results of tests which demonstrate the state of male comprehensive hormone panel. This panel also shows the amount of testosterone in the man’s blood. The panel tests include the measurements of sex hormone binding globulin, total testosterone, free testosterone, and complete blood count. The levels of female sex hormones are also important. When the healthcare practitioner gathers the information about the mentioned tests’ results, they can conclude about the underlying condition of hypogonadism and hence suggest some treatment such as testosterone boosters.

The findings of the special blood tests will be the most accurate if testosterone levels are tested earlier than 2 hours after awaking. This is easy to explain because the blood plasma contains different amounts of the male hormone throughout the day. But in the morning, the concentration of testosterone is maximally possible. It’s also advisable to retest hormone levels in 2-6 weeks after the initial testing.

If you abide by these diagnostics recommendations, you will know for sure whether you are testosterone-deprived. And if you are, you will successfully tackle the issue with the help of testosterone boosters and/or the other treatment methods.

Natural Testosterone Supplements vs Injections

Intramuscular testosterone injections are the treatment method which testosterone replacement therapy implies. This healing technique is helpful for overcoming hypogonadism for the months to come. Actually the duration of the injections’ action may vary. But anyway, each type of injectable testosterone has a clinical support of high efficacy.

However, even if you think that the injections are for you, don’t hurry up. You should realize that it’s permitted to use the injectable form of testosterone only if the doctor prescribes it to you. That’s because this treatment method is fraught with numerous, often terrifying adverse reactions. You must also rigorously abide by the dosage regimen. In addition, testosterone injections are painful and expensive.
As opposed to injections, the all-natural testosterone boosters don’t contain hormone itself. They only include the ingredients which help the body synthesize own testosterone naturally. Also, these ingredients have a scientific proof of their harmless testosterone-enhancing effects. That’s why these natural remedies are safe and effective.

If you don’t have severe hypogonadism which according to the doctor’s opinion requires injectable testosterone treatment, it’s recommended to choose the top-notch natural testosterone boosters.

Overall positive health effects

Testosterone booster ingredients, in addition to the basic properties, have some others.

D-aspartic acid protects brain cells and has a positive effect on the nervous system. Fenugreek improves mood. Boron promotes the synthesis of adrenaline, norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin – hormones that support the normal state of the nervous system and mood.

Nettle extract, Ginseng, Zinc, and Vitamin D3 perfectly strengthen the immune system. Since these ingredients are good antioxidants they help with the destruction of tissues.

Testo-Max testosterone booster is a multifunctional complex with the formula which stimulates the increase of testosterone and other anabolic hormones.

Besides, nitrogen oxide levels and fat burning rates are increasing.

All this contributes to the accelerated growth of muscles, rapid fat burning, as well as effective recovery and pumping effect.

Also, manufacturers have not forgotten to take care of your health, adding a few powerful antioxidants to the complex.


By increasing the amount of testosterone in the blood, D-Bal gives the athlete an opportunity not only to build muscle faster but also to improve the quality of training.

Along with the male hormone increases strength, endurance, performance, opening up opportunities to achieve new heights in sports.

However, tighter workouts mean the imminent onset of delayed muscle pain due to microtraumas of the muscles.

D-Bal testosterone booster includes Ashwagandha, known as a powerful anti-catabolic agent. It will help the athlete to don’t slow down the pace of training.

How to Pick the Best Testosterone Booster

Because of the popularity of testosterone booster pills right now, the market is flooded with a ton of different products. Reading reviews can be helpful, but if you do not want to spend days and days researching everything, we have some quick tips to help you choose the best testosterone supplement.

Price – While paying a low price is good for some things, when it comes to something like HGH, you want to make sure you pay a normal amount to make sure you are getting a quality product. This is why we like TestoGen.

Ingredients – You also want to make sure you look carefully at the ingredients of any product that you buy. Genuine products are going to list this information whereas scams will not. This is one of the ways to find the quality products that really work.

Guarantee – Finally, you also want to look at the return policy of any product that you are considering. Without a money-back guarantee, you really have to wonder if the company stands behind their product.

There are other things you should do – like reading reviews – but we have done the hard work for you and have gone over a lot of products out there to find the one that we think will help you the most.

Testosterone boosters can be used safely to relieve some syndromes and medical conditions, but a doctor must strictly supervise the use of testosterone and testosterone booster supplements. Otherwise, using this medicine without direct supervision from a certified physician can certainly mislead the user. Other people use testosterone supplements to maintain their younger look, lose weight or gain muscles in an easier way. Testosterone booster is easier to take than injection. It can also eliminate wrinkles, make you feel stronger and give you a youthful feeling.

Top Benefits of Testosterone Boosters in Men

Improve Muscle Mass – With regular intakes of testosterone booster supplements, you can easily improve your muscle’s condition. It means that these supplements are not only effective for losing weight. They can be used to melt away your fats and build muscles.

Improved Libido – testosterone boosters are the best solutions for sexual issues. These supplements help in improving sexual potency. It also restores sexual function, especially for older men.

Develop Bone Density – Studies have shown that men suffer from bone loss as they grow old. However, instead of worrying this issue, experts recommend testosterone booster supplements to improve bone density. Thus, men don’t need to think about their bone deficiencies. They are free from any bone problem and can do anything they want.

Remove Belly Fats – Like women, men are also dreaming to have a perfect body figure. As a result, they keep on engaging with various fitness programs. If you keep on taking these testosterone supplements, you are certain your belly fats are easily removed. Therefore, you don’t need to hide your body and build your self-confidence.

Disease Resistance – With testosterone, men can prevent any possible illnesses. Their internal organs can be easily treated and more resistant from any destructive elements. Even their immunity is developed and that leads to a healthy body condition. In addition, they also don’t need to worry about their sleeping habits. They can sleep well at night and feel energized in the next morning.

Lowers Blood Pressure and Control Obesity – testosterone boosters are effective to improve lung and heart functions. Therefore, you are certain that you will never suffer from any high blood pressure problem. Like women, men are also concerned with their figures. With these testosterone boosters, they are confident that they will maintain their body figure.

Fights Multiple Signs of Aging – With testosterone, you don’t need to worry about your skin condition. You will look young and other people can’t easily determine your real age. Just make sure that you are taking a right dosage of supplement for best results.

Improves Hair Condition and Colors – Most men ignore their hair conditions. However, once they have spotted that their hair appears duller than before, they started to worry about it. If you are one of them, testosterone is your best solution. It helps in rejuvenating your hair looks and colors through improving your hair follicles.

With these multiple benefits of testosterone, you shouldn’t miss to get testosterone boosters. However, getting these supplements is not as easy as you think. There are various shops that offer similar products and that gives great confusion.

To get the best testosterone boosters, you need to read reviews online. You also need to compare one shop to another. For the best buying scheme, try to ask your doctors about these supplements. It is also best to know how to use them.


Are Testosterone Boosters and Steroids the Same?

When hearing about testosterone boosters, people often think that the case is about steroids. And for this reason, the men remain wary of testosterone-enhancing supplements. This happens because of the lack of knowledge about the natural remedies.
The matter is that the natural hormone boosters are not actually steroids. In fact, steroid is an artificial form of testosterone. And the chemists synthesize this artificial hormone in the laboratories. Due to this, your body gets the ready-to-use testosterone. This hormone is extraneous to your body since it didn’t secret it on its own. But your body still can use artificial testosterone to help you reach your goals.
The situation is quite different when it comes to the all-natural testosterone boosters. Their origin is opposite to steroids. The formulas of natural products include only the natural components. These components accumulate in the man’s body. In such a way, the supplement ingredients trigger the mechanism of natural testosterone production in the body. And the studies have already provided evidence of the supplements’ harmlessness.
As for the effects of natural supplements, they really remind those ones of steroids. However, the gains which follow from the non-synthetic boosters’ intake are not as powerful as in case of taking anabolic steroids.

Testosterone Boosters and ED

Some men confuse testosterone boosters with male enhancement supplements. Thought both of these supplement groups are natural, they are aimed at different things.
The natural male enhancers are intended for the improvement of sexual potency in men. This first of all implies the enhancement of erection quality and duration. These penis pills fight the manifestations of erectile dysfunction naturally. However, the target of testosterone supplements’ use is not to relieve ED symptoms, but to increase testosterone levels and hence restore hormone balance in men.
The men want to elevate testosterone levels for a variety of reasons. Most often, the athletes and bodybuilders resort to the help of testosterone boosters because these men need outstanding sports results. The ordinary men also tend to use the boosters since they aspire to cut fat percentage, increase muscle strength, build bigger muscles, and finally sculpt a great body.
But still the testosterone-stimulating remedies of natural origin can be useful for the men suffering from ED. Thus, though these remedies can’t heal the impairment of erectile function, they can activate sex life. The hormone supplements do this by reviving sexual desire, lifting virile strength, normalizing bedroom stamina and endurance, and upraising energy levels.

Safety of Testosterone Boosters

The high-quality testosterone boosters are absolutely legal supplements. You can find only natural active substances in the formulas of the boosters. These ingredients make natural testosterone concentration in the man’s body grow. This is possible due to the all-natural work of the supplements’ ingredients. The components available in the supplements are not only natural, but also fully safe.
The scientists conducted numerous studies to approve safety of the non-artificial components of testosterone boosters. And according to the study findings, a safety level of these components really high and worth trusting. That’s why if you take a decision to undergo natural supplementation in order to boost testosterone amount in the blood, you can do this without a fear. The supplementation doesn’t put your health into jeopardy. But you should remember that the supplements’ safety is maximal only if you don’t disrupt the dosage regimen. All the manufacturers specify this dosage individually for each supplement.

Adverse Reactions of Testosterone Boosters

The men who want to take testosterone boosters of natural origin of course wonder whether these products cause any adverse reactions. That’s because the users compare the probability of side effects in the natural supplements and the prescription-only medications.
As you known, the boosters from the most reliable manufacturers consist of the natural active substances. Safety of these components has clinical support. That’s why the non-artificial testosterone-enhancing remedies typically don’t lead to the occurrence of adverse reactions. It means that the probability of negative health effects is shrinks almost to zero. And the positive customer reviews really demonstrate safety and efficacy of the top-notch testosterone boosters.
However, if you are prone to individual sensitivity to one or more components present in the testosterone-enhancing pill, you have to be careful with supplementation. Also, vigilance will not go amiss when you choose the supplement manufacturer. If you manage to find a trustworthy manufacturer, you shouldn’t be afraid of your health.
In addition, the important safety aspect is the adherence to the supplementation instructions. You should take exactly the dosage which the manufacturer recommends. If you take a higher dosage, you may experience some side effects which are actually the overdose symptoms.

Efficacy Timeframe

The upsurge of testosterone levels after the intake of testosterone boosters occurs within different periods of time. This depends on a few reasons. Thus, different brands of boosters have different formulas. Some formulas start working faster, while the others are slower-acting ones. Also, the time your body needs to restore testosterone balance naturally may vary depending on testosterone deficiency degree. Of course, if you severely lack testosterone, it will take much longer to raise hormone levels comparing to mild testosterone deficiency.
In addition, you should realize that the hormone-stimulating supplements don’t contain synthetic ingredients or ready-to-use testosterone. That’s why the natural remedies can’t work instantly by their nature. Their mechanism of action is gradual. For this reason, it’s necessary to continue the supplementation 1-1.5 months before you enjoy the very first positive changes in testosterone status. If you are looking for the considerable gains, the supplementation should last several months more.

Testosterone-Boosting Foods

If you choose the natural approach for elevating testosterone, it’s of course crucial to find really reliable testosterone boosters. But you can effectively enhance the action of these boosters if you also eat foods able to stimulate testosterone synthesis in the man’s body.
Among these foods, it’s possible to distinguish:

  • Brazil nuts
  • Oysters
  • Tuna
  • Avocado
  • Pomegranate
  • Garlic
  • Shellfish
  • Egg yolks
  • Beans
  • Coconut
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Olive oil
  • Fortified foods

The above stated foods are the treasure troves of various micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Make sure that you consume at least some of these foods on the daily basis. And if you develop a well thought-out nutrition plan and complement it with the high-quality supplement intake, you will definitely succeed in the normalization of testosterone levels.

Weak Sides of Testosterone Boosters

Thought the non-artificial testosterone boosters can boast of some undisputable strong sides, they also have the following weak sides:

  • Lack of Scientific Support: The most reliable manufacturers of testosterone pills thoroughly research their products before launching the pills to the market. But still there are many hormone-boosting supplements on sale without any clinical proof of their efficacy and safety. If the supplement you paid attention to doesn’t have appropriate clinical support, it’s better to refrain from buying such a product.
  • High Risk of Fraud: You can be sure that you will not fall a victim to dishonest manufacturers only if you purchase the supplements from the well-reputed manufacturers. But if you let the guards down, you may deal with counterfeit products. Since the market of hormone-enhancing remedies of natural origin is weakly regulated, there is a high probability to fall across the low-quality and hence dangerous counterfeits.
  • Availability Just Online: The most reliable testosterone boosters are at your disposal only on the official websites of their manufacturers. That’s why you will not find the best-working supplements in stores or pharmacies. Many customers who prefer the traditional methods of purchasing don’t like this fact. However, online purchase is a great way to hold your testosterone-related issues in confidence.

Are There Any Side Effects of Testosterone Boosters?

The all-natural testosterone boosters from the most reliable manufacturers are notable for their exclusive quality and safety. That’s because the manufacturers make these remedies by complying with all quality standards and requirements.

The testosterone supplements of natural origin don’t contain any artificial active substances. Instead, they are loaded with the completely natural ingredients which urge the body to secret own testosterone. These supplements don’t deliver synthetic testosterone to the man’s body and don’t cause any harm to the man’s health. The intake of all-natural remedies is not fraught with the occurrence of side effects. That’s why you can use them without any health risks.


Author: Bastian Gerton. He is a registered dietitian and nutritionist. He has a bachelor’s degree in biology. He has completed coursework in microbiology.
He tried over 30 testosterone booster supplements.

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