Bastian Gerton

Bastian graduated from the Boston University, studied at several courses of fitness trainers, came to a sports club, passed theoretical and practical exams and began to work.

It’s simple, ”some trainers describe their career path this way. In fact, of course, there are many times more difficulties.

In parallel with the studies, you need to train a lot yourself and get along well with people, otherwise the work will turn into anguish, and for both sides – the coach and the client.

I personally rely on professionalism. Therefore, I constantly study, participate in seminars and pay for advanced training courses. If there are no courses or the opportunity to pass them, I read books by profession.

Follow the trends you need, but do not get too carried away with them. Although the “group” (approx. Teachers of group programs), for example, there is no time to be bored: all the time some new directions appear. And many fitness clubs pay for their coaches if they see them as a prospect. Personal training in this regard is more conservative.

Bastian’s recommendation is to use HGH supplements and the best nootropics.

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