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To treat a variety of chronic foot conditions, NYC Footcare offers patients custom-made orthotics. Here, patients throughout New York City and the surrounding areas can visit Dr. Tsentserensky and undergo a personal evaluation to have a customized orthotic device made specially for their needs.

Orthotics Q & A

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What are Orthotic Devices?

Custom orthotics are devices which have been designed to support and comfort a patient’s feet. These devices are made exactly for that person and are not one size fits all. Prescription orthotics are designed to match the contours of the patient’s feet exactly and also work with the way the person moves and walks. After an evaluation of the patient’s condition the device will be made to treat any issues present.

Are There Different Types of Orthotics? 

There are typically two types of orthotic devices which include:

  • Functional orthotics- These are made to address abnormal motion. They can also treat foot pain cause by injuries or tendonitis. They are typically made from semi-rigid plastic or graphite.
  • Accommodative orthotics- These are softer and are designed to provide cushioning and support. They can be used to address diabetic foot ulcers, uncomfortable conditions which cause pressure, and painful calluses on the bottom of the foot.

These devices are designed to help with conditions such as bursitis, foot, ankle, and heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and tendinitis. These devices usually cost more than over-the-counter shoe inserts but they have been crafted for the unique person and tend to be more effective. These devices are also made from the best material available and can last many years. Medical insurance frequently covers some of the cost of these inserts.

When Should I Go to the Doctor?

When a person has serious or persistent foot or ankle pain it may be time to visit the doctor. The podiatrist will assess the issues present and the patient’s overall health to identify any contributing factors. The doctor will examine the way the person walks and the structure of his or her feet. If the condition requires it, special technology may be used to view how the feet function when the person is running or walking. If orthotic devices are required, the doctor will take a 3D image of each foot to craft them. The doctor will also take measurements of the feet. Depending on the situation there may be other treatments needed as well.

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