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Calluses and corns affect numerous individuals on a daily basis. For people living in and around New York City, Dr. Tsentserensky offers various treatments to help ease the discomfort associated with corns and calluses. Patients can trust in NYC Footcare for their corn and calluses care needs.

Corns & Calluses Q & A

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What are Corns? What are Calluses?

Calluses and corns can be very frustrating for people. The body forms them because it is attempting to protect or heal sensitive skin which has been affected by rubbing and pressure. Corns usually occur on the side and top of feet and calluses can develop anywhere. Corns can either be:

  • Hardened patches of thickened, dead skin or
  • Soft patches with a thinner surface and usually take place between the fourth and fifth toes.

When an area is rubbed over and over, a callus usually develops.

What Causes Corns and Calluses?

In a variety of cases, footwear and improper pressure on the foot when walking can cause calluses and corns to develop. Most are caused because a person’s shoes do not fit they way they should. High heels are especially problematic because they put undue pressure on the toes. Wearing shoes without socks also causes friction on the toes and feet and can cause calluses. Corns should be treated right away because they can lead to infections. Feet are often in closed, moist environments inside our shoes and bacteria can grow more rapidly in that type of environment. The bacteria can enter a person’s body through breaks in the skin around corns.

What is Done to Treat Corns and Calluses?

Painful calluses and corns are treated by a doctor with special training, a podiatrist. At the practice, the doctors can ensure that the patient receives the correct treatment for his or her unique situation. Some calluses and corns can be eased with a change in footwear. This frequently takes the pressure of the area and relieves milder symptoms. Paring down or trimming of the corn or callus can also help and is done using a scalpel to scrape away the thickened skin. Chemical treatments can also be used to remove thickened skin. The treatments typically contain salicylic acid which helps to dissolve the proteins which make up the thick layer of the callus or corn. When the corn becomes especially severe, surgery may be required.

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